World Water Day ( 22 March)

Today on the World Water Day, our editorial team has decided to introducing new category “World Days” where authors can contribute about important days celebrating or held across the word along with its importance, objective, History, awareness, etc and readers can share the thoughts and views. I am getting opportunity to share first article in the this category to give small contribution to global campaign.

Seventy percent of the word is covered with the water however we can not directly use it in our day to day life. hence we have to be dependent on other sources of water. day by day water is getting polluted and toxic by industrial dump and also because of social unawareness as well , somewhere somehow directly or indirectly we are contributing to it .Getting clean and safe drinking water is everyone’s natural right and also preserving it and sharing social awareness is also a social responsibility to ensure surround we preserve water and protect it from getting dirty or toxicities.
Word Water day is held on 22nd of March every year to emphasize on importance of the clean water and promote , protect and share social awareness to build sustainable and easy to manage fresh water resources. Every year this global campaign is having different theme and shows different aspects of water. this year the theme is “clean water for healthy world” .they also share the details and material from their website to spread this campaign by providing campaign material ,media kit, Printing material ,and other strategic guidance for spreading and targeting for different audience .i would say all the previous campaign is worth to read. I have added the theme of the previous campaign since beginning all are worth reading.

As an active environment activist whenever and wherever I get an opportunity to share & spread awareness on water ,I definitely take it.I am working with one of the leading IT company in India and our strength is more than 40,000 ,According to me saving clean water is also as much important as preserving and create sustainable clean water resources. there are many ways to conserve clean water however most of them has to be implement and adhere by individuals to make large difference . i would like to share small way of saving clean water or to restrict its use only at intended need and it will definitely make difference the way it made in my organization we know that in all the big organization premises when we turn on the tap, water comes out in full force (specially in washbasin that we use most frequently) Even we want only little amount of water. Unknowingly we are wasting criminal amount of water during entire day actually we required to use only 20-30% of water coming out of the tap.

I believe “simple things makes life easier” so I suggested(known to everyone but not implemented) that there is a control knob just beneath the washbasin which actually control the force of water coming out of the tap. If we set the knob to pass only 20-30 % of water this will save around 60%-70% of water every time when we turn on the tap. This is only the tip of iceberg we know lot of other ways to save the water.

There is nothing new that I am sharing here however if we really want to make difference we have to bring out thoughts from mind level to hand level through heart level.

List of previous World Water Day Campaigns. 
2010 : Clean water for healthy world
2009 : Transboundary water
2008 : Sanitation
2007 : coping water scarcity
2006 : Water and culture
2005 : Water for life
2004 : Water and disaster
2003 : Water for future
2002 : Water for development
2001 : Water and health
2000 : Water for 21st century
1999 : Everyone lives downstream
1998 : Groundwater – the invisible resource
1997 : The world’s water, is there Enough ?
1996 : Water for thirsty cities
1995 : Women and water
1994 : Caring for out water resources is everyone’s business.

By : Dharmesh Patel

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