Horoscope Compatibility... How Much Convincing ?

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI am sure most of you would have at least once read the forwarded mail which talks about the kind of person you are, based on your birth date. So that made me think of the topic which i am writing on.

When i forwarded that mail to my friends', almost all replied back saying that most of the things written is true about them. So that gave me food for thought. I wished that people who talk so much about caste, creed, upper class, lower class, minorities ,majority and being closest to god, should read that mail and come beck saying that it matched for them too. So now what i want to ask is when people are driven primarily by the traits of their birth date then what is this caste fuss about. I do know that being of the same caste does makes life a lot more easy to adjust with each other as a couple but this trend is soon changing and its high time that people should realize that the real traits are those which is god gifted and not which is human inculcated.
For example if for a particular people it says that “they are Always up to some sort of a mischief!" , it might be true for people who would be born in a Hindu family or a Jewish family. He would be that when he's 10 or 30 or 50, though the intensity would decrease gradually. This is his inborn nature and difficult to change. Where as if a person has a habit of being untidy, then it could be changed by constantly poking them for it. Because this is not something which is his in born nature, they have developed this due to laziness or some other reason.

What made my belief more strongly was that the people who believe in horoscope matching, do not agree to marry a couple, if a certain number of traits do not match. The entire concept of horoscope is based on your date of birth and not on the caste. The horoscope of two people belonging to an entirely different religion can also be matched and vise versa the horoscope of two people belonging to the same sub caste doesn’t match, then they cannot get married. The concept of horoscope matching is here only in Hindus. The other major religion of the world i.e. Muslims and Christians do not match any horoscope before marriage and yet their marriages are as successful as that of Hindus. The horoscope compatibility checks for criteria such as spiritual development, mutual control, luck, sexual aspects and many other. It talk's little about fore fathers and the origin of a person.

In Google if you search, you get a lot of results for "nature of people born in " so and so date or month but you would hardly find results which says "nature of a Hindu". So the point i am trying to state here is that a person would mainly possess traits depending on their date of birth rather than his place of birth. He can be born in Canada or Australia but he would have some common traits but they would be the main and dominating traits which would be difficult to remove.

So here i am giving you another reason to convince your parents on inter caste marriage. :)

So next time you look for a match check for people depending on their date of birth and the trait which you feel your partner should possess so that you both spend a happy life together.

And if you haven’t seen any such forwarded mail then drop us a mail at ijini.article@gmail.com and we'll send you one. I am sure you agree to it too.

By : Swati Sharma


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