Skype For Symbian S60 3rd Edition Mobile Devices

Skype is available on mobile since long time however there wasn’t any official release for Symbian S60 mobile users. I remember we have used Skype lite since my Nimbuzz version was not able to add new Skype contact ,that has to be done either login in desktop or skype lite which was intended for making calls from wifi devices using Skype credits . Now finally Skype has made official version for Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phones which is indeed a good news which comes little late. Skype Symbian edition can be download directly from site or by receiving download link via SMS. As expected the first version comes with the release 1.00(0) ,download size is around 4.45MB, which is quite a big size for mobile first run, start up logo gives the good and promising feel about the application which takes around  three to five seconds to load application in background. if you are running application for the first time ,it will ask you to select the default access point from available list.its GUI give the feel of user friendly interface, it’s navigation is easy to understand and navigate with large text &  colorful icons.once you through with sign in, it will ask to show your phone book contact in skype contact list however I found few phone book entries were not loaded from the address book
here is the main screen which is having mainly 6 category which like 
      1)     Contact 
      2)     Instant messages
      3)     Dial numbers
      4)     History
      5)     My Info
      6)     Settings

Very interesting thing is that there are only five tabs available for first five category for navigation by side arrow key, setting tab is not available if you want to do any changes you have to come to the main screen for making the changes. 

Default Skype contact populate fast as soon as you logged in to the application and indicates online/ offline status for respective contacts ,at the bottom of the contact screen search panel is available to filter contacts. “ECHO/Sound test service” is also  available to test the voice service. most of the operation can be triggered by selecting contact/user name from contact screen.

Since lone time Symbian users use the third party application to make Skype calls like Nimbuzz & Fring First thing first , I was more excited to test the voice quality of the Skype over the slow speed of GPRS connection keeping Nimbuzz  performance as a base line for the same..surprisingly on slow GPRS connection with maximum  around 52Kbps speed sound quality of the call is excellent and very loud and clear compare to any other application.

Interface for instant messaging need improvement compare to other interface of fring and Nimbuzz thought scrolling through chat window is fast but sending instant message should be on single presss rather than selection “Option” - > send ..if you are a regular chatter than this will turn you off. If you want to copy content from chat window then you have to enable the “copy past” mode from “option” - >IM tool -> enable copy paste, same way you have to disable it before you send next message. 

File send option comes with only three sending option “send a photo” , “send a video” and “send music” there is no provision for sending document  or other type of files.

Dial number consist of two functionalities calling and SMS ,both services required the Skype  credits .good things about interface is once you enter country code for sending SMS it will show you the cost for individual in message compose box itself.

History section seems very comprehensive it maintains categorized log for all the services possible in first version (calls, files, voice mail,  SMS messages, contact request )

My info keeps tracks of more on personal profile and some of the paid service details lile Skype credits, subscription status , online number ,voicemail.

These are the highlights of first look review , now its time for overall conclusion .Interface and navigation are the  strong point in this release  however both needs to tune in some of the are especially in chatting window. Navigation speed is fair enough but not that fast considering to its installation package size. I would like to rate the application on 4 on 5 on following criteria which is worth and advisable on Symbian mobile device running 3rd edition.

1) Graphical User Interface   = 4 Stat
2) Navigation                       = 3 Stat
3) Feature                           = 4 Stat
4) Performance                    = 4 Stat
Over all rating                   = 4 Star 
By Dharmesh Patel

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