Trails of Good Manager

Since last few years I am wondering to see the expectations from Manager to his/her subordinate or his/her reporties. Mainly I found similarities in every company that Manager always treat himself/herself as someone who has license to kill. I thought why not educate our friends who became managers (where either one or multiple people are reporting) with management new and proved fundas. They are very simple to follow, very useful to individual and others. It will also help for an organization, surroundings, country and world. Surprised ? Let’s see

Assume you are Manager in a firm (IT or similar to IT) having at least one person reporting to you.

1) First thing first treat that person as human being Do not screw him/her and their life.
2) Listen to them carefully and understand the problem they faced

3) Put your self in their shoe and understand their pain areas. Just think that you are at other side then what you would have done

4) Be open with them and convey them the reality & do not hide anything with them. (of course upto certain limit)

5) If you have called them on week ends and/or used their extra hours on week days, you should arrange for compensation for them (Give benefits if you have used their extra time.)

6) Always try to motivate them, sometimes make a round , sit with team member, understand what he/she is doing, be with them, try to give your experience thought/solution on their problem or issue or task.

7) Arrange team events to bind them to each other for benefit of individual and company.

How do you feel now? Sounds good, simple?
I guess some has doubts in his/her mind that this all is in favor of reporties but what about pressure that Manager is handling? What about deadlines? What about misbehavior of reporties if any and what about someone who only takes benefits but doesn’t do any work? If you look into it majority queries are with managers only. He/She has to handle it anyway. Now we will see how to handle it in efficient way.

1) Maintain and follow your daily schedule

2) Compulsorily put 1 hour for your exercise in the morning exercise will give you energy and will keep you fit.

3) This is the demand of the time. You should give at least 1 hour time to your family. It will keep you fresh.

4) Try to finish your daily work within the stipulated time and follow In and Out time rigorously.

5) Give first 15 minutes to arrange your priorities of the day.

6) Reply to your mails, do not keep pending. Your reply should convey the message underline very clearly; there should not be any ambiguity

7) Do not keep any open item with you, try to solve or delegate it to your team.

8) Take help from others if required. Do ot waste time to reinvent the same thing which is already proved by others.
By : Kedar Shejwalkar

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