Nokia Bots Making Life Easier

One more experimental product is already out from the Nokia beta lab to make rich user experience and optimize mobile use ,called as “Nokia Bots” ,it’s a set of add-ons which is capable enough to learn from you usage , preference and improve user experience based on its features and intelligence.
Bots observe the pattern of usages and activated and configure mobile accordingly, all bots can be seen in single widgets screen with their status currently there are four add-on available straight from the beta labs for Nokia N97 and N97 mini which is compatible with S60 5th edition (touch screen device),S60 3rd edition has to wait .
Battery Bot : This Bot takes care of batter status and alerts you in case battery is likely to get drain and prompt you to connect the charger before it gets totally drains .

Alarm Bot : its automatically set the wake-up alarm with the silent profile at night time and be just single click from your home screen which was earlier nevertheless easier.

Shortcut Bot : we use different application at different point in time, hence most of the time we have to change our home screen shortcut. This Bot place shortcut of application based on your preference of use and without any configuration hassles .it learns about usage and preference in background and update the shortcuts accordingly

Profile Bot : many times we forget to put mobile on silent during meeting and in normal profile after the meeting this Bot does this by just single click or it is intelligent to do it automatically.

All Nokia Bot is really making life easier for Nokia S60 5th edition and like to see more addition to add-ons . For other Nokia users similar thing can be achieved with set of different application which will be shared in next article.

By : Dharmesh Patel


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