Bullet : Owners PRIDE and Viewers FEAST (For eyes and ear)

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I still remember my childhood when there was Dharmedra's advertisement 'Shaan Ki Sawari' running on Doordarshan.I really feel the 'Shaan' when I ride this 'Sawari' since I purchased it 9 month back; yes I am a proud owner of Bullet Std 350 UCE.

The new twin-spark engine is remarkably reliable, not a single issue/concern about engine since first servicing....

Pros : There are too many advantages as a owner-rider of this bike

People always complain about the fuel economy however I never.. still for those who complain the
average I able to achieve is 43 kmpl in Pune city (On Heavy traffic roads and during the peak hours.) and    45 kmpl on the highways.

Its road grip and suspension is just fantastic, when I used to drive it at about 55-60 km/hr, I suddenly feel no complaints for the roads in Pune otherwise most of the roads in Pune are made for practicing baby motocross. :)

Controls (Clutch/Brake) are so nice that I really enjoy driving through heavy traffic, I could remember the older Std 350 (Before arrival of twin-spark) the clutch lever was so hard that the person driving it, could easily grow his fore-arm muscles while driving :). That is not the case now.

The new UCE comes with a modified silencer which gives a dumped firing sound which is not a suitable sound for a Bullet. I too, get that silencer changed to 'Induri' model and the ride on this bike is changed dramatically. It can only be experienced by driving this bike by yourself, one cannot understand the proud when the people look at you and the bike and ask multiple questions almost daily.

Looks are pretty attractive and it stands Royal when on road and in parking too :)

One more appreciated advantage is that you earn more friends or co-bullet riders.


The ignition switch provided by the company for this model is plastic moulded and it is error prone. It gets  off within a month or two from the Bike purchase. I too got the same problem and then replaced the switch with the Aluminium metal fitted switch (Used in older models). It is known that the older switches are so robust that they serve the user for more than 10/20 yrs. It is said that due to this, the old switch sale  was gone down and in order to increase  the sale of the switch, the company has purposefully introduced this fault into new design. I don’t know the fact however my ride is better after changing the switch.

I faced another problem - The Front break light wiring is error prone. The end of the wire connected by a knob at the break lever is having too much tolerance causing a loose connection making the break light ON always. Once I overcome both these cons there is only PRIDE left. I recommend this bike for any new purchase who wants to earn the pride then must go for this. Else there are too many cheap options available in market.

Be a Royal On Field..Shaan Se!

By : Vivek Kamble


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