Where Are We Going India ?

“Hi”, “bye”, “see ya”, “take care”, “wats up” these are some of the few words which we hear almost every hour. Our day starts with “good morning” dad/mom and ends with “good night”“honey/Sweetie”.

Wearing Adidas or Reebok is considered to be cool even if costs us half of a months salary.Our teenagers get nightmares of Hindi and Sanskrit exams but clearing English is simply no big deal to those folks. Reading English newspapers are a must as it improves the vocabulary but Hindi daily is a waste as it gives no rate for its Raddi(scrap).

MJ is the God of popping and locking but ask us the spelling of kathakalli(An Indian classical dance form) the answer would be which kali.Coke and Pepsi is one drink w/o which any party would not be complete and the best part is if it’s left out then could be used as cleaner in the bathroom.

I can go on with the list of things which are certainly not bad but at the same time could have better alternatives to it or to be precise desi options for it.

The other day I got a forwarded email which goes like “a foreigner came to India for a visit .When she went, an Indian friend of her asked “what did u see in my India. Did u like the Indians? “Reply came “Indians”!!!!I didn’t meet any Indians. But yes I met a Punjabi in Punjab; a Gujarati in Gujarat, a Bengali in Bengal and a keralite and kerala”and let me add to this is all these people appreciate the West more than their own country. No wonder why I country was ruled by Britishers for so many years.

Our young talent learns and takes education from our country but utilizes all their skills and talents in some other country for the sake of green papers.There is no harm in doing things which we like or appreciating things which are good. But why not put our efforts in making our culture and our county being followed by others. we are Western culture has made us blind. We ape it w/o giving it a second thought.Why do we feel shameful to greet are parents and friends by saying Namaste. Why are children sent to French and German classes when they cant even write their names in their own mother tongue. Why do we proudly tell our colleague that my child is very good pop singers when he can’t even sing sargam(basics of India classical music). Family vacations are much more fun in Dubai, Singapore Malaysia but going to your farm house is just not need. Yet again I would say that yes sky scrapers and night life is attractive buy why miss out the homely pleasure. Why not try a bullock cart ride instead of a giant wheel. Why not smell a wet mud rather than a Benetton spray. Why not go for a theatre drama than a Hollywood thriller. A candle light dinner is so old fashioned. Why not light a lantern at home and serve food. Why not have tea in a kulhad rather than a mug of coffee. Why do we deprive ourselves of such a rich heritage our country has .Why be aliens in our own town. Is it that our motherland fails to attract her own sons and daughter towards her? Do we have no liability towards her?
Let’s be more involved in our own country’s happenings. Let us celebrate independence and republic day more enthusiastically than friendship and Valentine’s Day. Let us seek our parents and god’s blessings rather than cutting the cake and wasting it by putting on the face. Let us be compassionate about our own people. Let us be Indian and show the world that we are proud to be INDIANS.

 By : Swati Sharma


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