Sun Temple : Modhera

“Modhera” is the small village situated on the bank of the river Pushpavati which is around 25KM from Maheshana (Gujarat,India) and 110 KM from Ahmadabad. Modhera is one of the historical tourist place in India, its name is associates with “Sun Temple” also know as Surya mandir which is named after Hindu god Surya(Sun).
How to reach  : By air we can fly till Ahmadabad(Gujarat) and from Ahmadabad direct public transports(BUS,CAB) are easily available till Modhera ,there are frequent train also running between Ahmadabad and Maheshana however tourist prefer to stay in Maheshana since it is just 25Km away from Modhera and city is having good option for accommodation and transportation. Many tourists also prefer to stays in Ahmadabad and like to tour surrounding places, Ahmadabad is seventh largest city in India and also known as Manchester(financial capital) of the India.

Historical value : According to ancient Hindu scripts(Purana) when God Rama killed Ravana, he asked guru(Sage) Vasistha to show the way to purify him from the sin of “Brahma hatya(Killing)” (Since Ravana was Brahmin by birth). Vasistha told Rama about pilgrimage place called Dharmaranya which is near to modern town of the Modhera ,Loard Rama settled at village Modherak in Dharmaranya and perform the yagna ,there after he established the village and named Sitpur,this is around 8 KM away from becharaji Modherak village and later become Modhera.

Sun temple was build by king Bhimdev Solanki of Solanki dynasty in 1026AD and name after his worshiping God Surya(Sun).This was build in the time when Mahmud Gazni attacked and capture its surrounded area however later Solanki dynasty succeed to reclaim their most of the area .The signs of invasion still clearly visible on sculpture ,Since last 50 year(many be more) Indian Archeologist department renewed the damaged part of temple and given new face and value to the also we can see that archaeological department is doing their best job out there.
Temple was build in a very large premises which is also having

Surya Kund(pool) : intricately carved, stepped tank again named after the God of Light Surya(Sun) ,Steps surrounded by Kund(pool) are having lot of small temples of Indian Gods facing in different direction. In ancient time people use to take bath before they visit to main temple, there was a water well in middle of the Kund(pool) which kept kund filled with water. As you can see there are diving stones(like diving boards) around entire kund , Since last so many years ,Kund has lost his Original magic because well dried ,however I am among the fortunate people who saw this Kund filled with water in my younger days.

Sabha mandap: main temple is having two type of mandap(hall) first one is called sabhe(conference) mandap which was used for the religious gathering and events.
Guda Mandap : Second mandap is know as house of God and people use to came here for worship the Sun, during equinox days with the rising sun sunrays directly fell on the idol of Surya(Sun)which is jewelled with precious diamond and stones which use to illuminate entire hall. precious and priceless jewels were looted during the invasion of Mahmud Gazni.
Stone carving is excellently done in entire temple We can see many ancient stories from Mahabharata and other epic scripts were beautifully crafted on the wall and pillars, ceiling also highlights the of excellence example of Indian ancient architectural designing.
 As per local folk stories this tow pillars are said to be “Choire” pillar in named after lord Rama & mata(mother) Sita.

Dance Festival : Modhera Dance festival is organized around second or third week of January every year where all the well-known classical dancers across the country comes and perform in the temple this event attracts huge audience from India and from abroad ,This is well organized and promoted event by Truism corporation of Gujarat.

Whats is new : Adjacent to temple, local authority is developing the huge lake which will be filled by the Narmada cannel for making surrounding more beautiful.

By : Dharmesh Patel

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