GPS Location Tagger For Nokia Mobiles

Lot of time during our journey we discover beautiful places which we want to share with friend however only photos are not enough to reach that place. We have to spend lot of time to explaining friends about how to reach that place.

Nokia location tagger is one of the Beta products from the Nokia Beta lab which address this problem. If you are using Nokia mobile which is equipped with GPS feature than you must have this application in your handset. This handy application comes preinstalled in Nokia S60 3rd edition feature pack 2 devices. It is free and can be downloaded from beta lab site.
Location tagger works on very simple principle it reads GPS location from your GPS enabled Nokia mobile and when you take a snap it will store GPS location in EXIF header of every JPEG file .Many online site like Picasa, Flickr able to read GPS data from image and shows almost exact location on map using Google map or earth.

Location Tagger is very easy to use, just you have to run the application and start taking photos from your mobile camera .Location tagger icon comes on top left side of your camera screen. Icon colour( Green, Amber and Red) shows the strength of the GPS signal. If signal is proper it will show message after ever click that image is tagged .It doesn’t eat battery power if GPS do not get signals it automatically release GPS based on timeout settings from 2 minute to 15 minute .5 minute is default GPS timeout setting. GPS location can be fetch from cache manually in case GPS signal strength is weak. Tagged images can be directly viewed from log tab.

Location tagger is having some know issues like it is not able to tag images taken from secondary camera. It tags images taken only from main camera. I been using this application since last 6 months and took more than 200 photos its works flawlessly in my Nokia E71 handset.

By : Dharmesh Patel

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