Young Age Problems

Unfortunately we all get only one change to grow through different phases of life starting from childhood to old age, each phase has its own things to enjoy and comes up with challenges.
Among all the phases of life we always like to be in young age and always cherish its memories. We often refer “when I was young” or “In my young days” however many of us definitely agree with me that “young” is a relative word and we can be young as long as we want to be. According to patents they face more friction from their kids when they are stepping in to young age .Parents become more conscious about their kids and whatever they do ,they think freedom is their enemy and they are not mature enough to take their own decisions. Young age problems are also influenced by countries and their cultures it may not be the same everywhere.

Stress : This is not limited to specific age group however we start feeling it in young age. In young age we takes stress of almost everything and it usually it grows with age until we learn to control and get rid of it. According to one of British medical journal average suicide rate is 14.5 out of 100000 in 15-19 age group because of extreme stress . Sudden death because of stress is also common problem in young generation.
 Friends : We can’t think of people who do not have friend(s) however in young age we make lot of friends, we think friends who listen to us and our problem and share the solution of our problem this word means a lot to us. but things always do not move according to us and we learn to deal with it after lot of break-ups & patch-ups with friends .we categories them in “best friends”, ”Good friends” ,”office friends” ,etc. I been told by one wise person that “there is mental need “ for making friends ,i really believe that word friend is more close to heart than mind.

Love : Most famous word among the youngsters and remain favorite for longer time ,hardly there were any friends/collogue group where they do not discuss on this topic ,Asking permission for going on date is still not acceptable in country like India specially if you are in collage or school hence people manage to go on date without permission .loving someone or begin loved by someone is good feeling .Problem arise when things do not move according to expectation than same good feeling starts becoming burden & start consuming us emotionally ,mentally and eventually we lose focus on career or study .if it is not cope up on time many time people may miss career opportunities.

Studies : In young age our minds were mostly occupied by two sets of thoughts one is friends and second is studies ,study would be definitely a problem if you are pursuing your studies simply to meet your parents expectation by surrounding your wish to study something else. I saw lot of cases where parents wants to make their kids doctor or engineer and they realize after spending lot of money and time that their kids were right and best to select their own careers.

Teachers: It’s easy to recall, when we last discussed with our parents about our favorite teacher and many of us might remember that they have said during school/collage days “ no matter how good I write I always get few marks less from that teacher” .Ideally teachers do not classify the students based on their like or dislike however all the teachers to have their favorite sets of students. If it is true than I positively see only one reason that rest of the students also perform well to be in teacher’s favorite list.

Parents : I guess we all remember “Don’t go for play, it’s time to study” , “come to home directly from tuitions” .”don’t spend much time with your friend” ..I can go on with long list this is the age when tries to come out from our parents shadow and tries to create s our own identity and want to take our own decisions though parents always interfere in our decision, this is the time when we starts understanding better meaning of “generation gap” .Parents knows that their kids are growing but somehow they want to ensure that whatever they does should be first consulted with them and seek their approvals.

Pocket Money : As long as you are not earning this will remain big problem. I remember we always use to wait for first day of month to get our pocket money from my dad, later same amount I uses to get from my mom by telling her some sentimental stories. Pocket money is the only income while you are studying , many people work in part time to get extra bucks in their pocket

Drug and Alcohol: I would say this is a common problem in all the countries across all the cultures . In young age people wants to try and explore new experience. Many times they got inspired by their friends and influenced by movie start. I seen many people they smoke because they wants to look cool like John Travolta and Jim Carrey.

Crime : this is one of the major problem faced by all the countries may be in different ratio, often we read that mentally challenged student starts open fire in school campus ,we can see day-by-day face of crime is getting young ,we see lot of young age boys involved in smuggling to theft or very serious crimes in including terrorism.

Marriage : once marriage was considered as “once in life time event” but today mindset has been changed first people want to enjoy their life ,They prefer to be in relation for longer time to know each other. They start believing in live in relation where commitment is not required .They prefer to opt for divorce rather than continue with bad marriage hence the ratio of divorce among young people got increased.

By : Dharmesh Patel

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