How To Download Youtube Video in Two Steps

Step 1: Open your favorite you tube video and go to address bar

Step 2 : Replace "Y" (Highligheted above screen shot) with "3" (As shown in below screenshot) and press Enter.

                                                    Download screen will popup....Done.

By : Sandeep Patel


Sachin Shah mod

There is another way too.... if you have license version of windows.
If you have license version of Windows
Load real player version 10 or 11 gold
whatever the video you see will be allowed to download at top... and even if you have 11th version then you can convert in 3GP. Ever you can extract audio too.... just for information....

Sandeep Patel mod

You can also try some browser add-ons/extensions

try for Firefox :

and for Crome :


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