Summer Rain Drops

Come , let’s see one beautiful rainy day in extreme summer from my eye. In summer in any place where people gets rid of, everywhere people found lots of heat, becomes thirsty and now a days because of cutting trees problem it becomes very difficult for everyone to live or sustain in summer. The person who normally walks will become tired. People will not find shelter to wait for few minutes, It will be danger to look around by naked eye especially black tar roads. Dehydration is the common problem in these days and people can easily fall sick. Acidity will be common problem. Daily news says many people die because of heat stroke. Person cannot do much in summer, we don’t prefer to go outside any place as far as possible. one fine day in this summer I was going to meet someone in nearer village. Initially I went through bus where bus was fully heated and giving feel that i was sitting in pressure cooker. No AC, windows were open but only hot winds were coming through it, outside it was so bright that i was not able to see for a moment also. I don’t know how driver is managing from his cabin. Temperature nearly crossed 40 degree, I saw a thirsty little boy , even his parents were disturbed by this heat. I was also thirsty so I took 2 lemon candies and gave one to that little boy. He feels very fresh by eating that candy so do I though it was temporary relief. Bus was going by its speed, I saw at driver and feel very bad about him as he was sharing his cabin with bus engine where temperature was at least 5 degrees more. There were no trees on the road it felt so sad and thought why people are cutting these tress. So in all everywhere discouragement was taking place.
It was around almost 4:30 PM I reached at destination bus stand, and I started walking by narrow road side due to extreme heat. I was feeling sick by that time, but god is great, slowly winds starts whistling, dust was making shape of tornado. Slowly a nice black soil’s smell comes and gives feels that somewhere rain had started and very soon it come in our way. Everybody on road feeling very happy in a way and continued with their work. Nobody was taking any umbrella or raincoat, everybody was waiting for rain .And Rain, it comes very beautifully and I can see that because of rain everywhere feeling little bit cold but nobody object on that. It was need of the day. Trees were happily dancing with their own noise. Now all farmers were enjoying their daily job and small creatures were doing their work. Ants were crossing small path of road . River became red because of soil water, with distance valley was full of waterfalls and asking each others by taking hand in hand was jumping from top to bottom and from that place running like marathon and meeting at place at river side. River like mother of all this took a side, curve and hug all these small ponds and these places by her hand and took them with her. Now after so much of love shown by rain it got stopped but within those 30 minutes time it gave us everything that was needed. Now we can very well see the diamonds on the leaf of branches of tree. Butterflies were dancing and running from one flower to another and birds were busy with their beloved ones at their huts singing songs and also feeding to their children.

Summer teach us the value of water every year, water is prestigious and please makes use of it very consciously. Lots of people are never ever get that much of water which we wasted even in half a minute. so save water and save people.

All this nature colors feel cool, green everywhere, by the time rain was stopped and sunlight came to say good bye friends for today. That scene was unforgettable, half a circle rainbow was took place like a bow at sky and sun with its several hands were trying to hug this nature. By the time I reach at my destination and with warm welcome with a tea from relative I started my rest of the evening.

By Kedar Sejwalkar

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