Spirit of Diet

D-I-E-T, a simple four-letter word that strikes fear and dread into the hearts of those struggling to lose excess weight. However, the actual meaning of the word is quite neutral. Diet literally means:“course of life: way of living or thinking…to regulate oneself.” 

Perhaps the reason for the rather unpleasant dieting image in our mind is based on both our own experiences with weight loss and tales of woe told to us by others. Speaking from my own experiences, in most cases, after everything was weighed and measured, most people ended up losing on a diet was ‘patience’! Losing weight takes self-control and persistence. It also takes following a food plan that you can stick to and actually enjoy! My series, Weight Loss Wisdom is not a diet program. There are various weight-loss programs and you can easily find one that meet your special health or dietary needs and fits easily into your lifestyle. Finding one that works, and safety, is not an issue. Helping you learn how to stay on your regime is the key.

Like the famous saying ‘enjoy the journey, not just the destination,’ successful long-term weight loss is more than just hitting the goal....

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BY : Swati Chandrashekhar

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