Me-N-U : A Story Beyond Time

Intro : Me-N-U (MENU) is a story of Krish , Aditi and their destiny which is written by HIM but changed by their love ,faith ,sacrifices and promise which took them beyond the time.

Some love stories are more interesting and little complex to complete in one life so its destiny allows it to go beyond the time and continue in another life. Story of Krish & Aditi is a journey of love beyond the time to find and bring them together again.

A picture is worth of thousand words hence leaving you all with your imagination to view this video which share few unforgettable , precious moments which was stolen from Krish & Aditi’s life with unknown sound track (samay ni sathe samay vahe jay che) which says “Time changes.....but your memories” .our story starts from where all moments end.

By : Radhika


seems very interesting and romantic waiting to see first chapter of story..BTW r u The Radhika jha ?


No :-)


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