SPDP (Sev Puri Dahi Puri)

These recipes will surely get water in your mouth. Just add a little love with the ingredients mentioned below.
Ingredients: (1 plate)
5 Puris
1 bowl Dahi/yogurt
1 bowl Boiled potato (ubale aalo)
1 bowl Boiled Bengal Gram (ubale kala chana)
1 bowl tomato (tamater)
1 bowl chopped onion (pyaaz/kanda)
Chaat masala
Red chili powder
Tamarind paste
Fine Sev (readymade)
Coriander leaves

Take boiled potatoes and mix either normal salt or Black Salt (kala namak) in it. Also mix chaat masala in it. And also red chilli powder. Then keep the puris in the serving plate and make small holes in it. Fill in the boiled potatoes and boiled Bengal gram in it. Stuff little chopped onion and chopped tomato. Then pour dahi on it followed by tamarind paste. Make sure the tamarind paste is sweet and sour. Then garnish it lots of with Sev, coriander leaves. If mango (kairi/kachha aam) is available then it can also be used in garnishing.

If tamarind paste is not available then use sauce.
If chaat masala is not available then cumin seed powder (jeera powder) and dhaniya powder can be used.

By : Meghna Sharma

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