Other Side Of Motivation

Related Posts with ThumbnailsFailure is one thing which most of us experience in our life in abundance.And that is when our elders console us with their experiences and examples.I totally agree with this custom but there is a different angle to it. Example (Since I’m SRK’s fan, let me use his name in a movie) Rahul has participated in a reality show and is eliminated in the 2nd round it self. We hear his parents saying on the camera “never mind, he learnt a lot here and we would come next year as well”. This sounds perfect. But is the same thing said behind the closed doors? Or you hear them saying “oh Rahul, never mind beta, we know you dance better than the kids there its ok. Even they would get eliminated in the next round”. That day these words act wonders and Rahul gets his peace back but what effect these words make on his tender mind is unknown to both the parentsand the child.

The point I’m trying to make is Rahul’s parents think they are positive and have passed this positivity to him as well. But its not so. They are more harmful than a negative person. At least a negative person is aware of his behavior but here you are positively negative and worst thing you are not even aware of this.

Trying to be positive by taking the help of negative thoughts is as good as being negatively charged.So what was expected out of Rahul’s parents was they could have convinced Rahul that his performance on that day was a little less polished than the others and hence he waseliminated. But do we really find such people who first positively motivate themselves and then do the same to others. Unfortunately this happens rarely. And as a result we get surrounded by many such Rahul’s in our life and often even we are one of them.But this time we might not have our parents to motivate us. But actually we don’t need anybody coz now we ourselves are so charged with negative positivity that we come out of our problems on our own. But that is temporary.

If somebody else gets a promotion we strongly tell ourselves “oh he’s got it coz of good luck but he’ll not be able to perform when it’ll come on him”. Or would think maybe something bad was going to follow this promotion hence I didn’t get it and now he’ll face it. This attitude is definitely not being positive instead is really dangerous for us.Positivity should not be followed with a negative thought. Because it ruins the whole
purpose of positivity .

So the next time you feel you are positively motivated think again. Are you actually positive or positively negative?

By : Swati Sharma


Interesting, you've really given me something to think about! Excellent article, Congrats and well done :)


Nice article Swati!
Yes, I agree to you. Many times we excuse others' success by saying it his/her good luck, this could be only because we feel jealous to their success.
Motivating people without giving right feedback is actually leading them to back.


This is indeed thought provoking and a marvellous thought..... !!! Thanks Swati for this..... will post you on the results of thinking around this one :)


Good one Swati...We need to be careful when we give feedback or motivate anyone...is that the right words or things we r saying...if wrongly said or done can ruin someones life.


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