Confession : True Story of Father and Daughter

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“Pugnacious can ruin everything even relations and the future do not allow it to sort back. May be I am best example to the previous sentence and this blog is the aegis for me to confess all my ill doings.”

Friday Morning (6:00 Am): [Home] :
“Wake up! We need to do a tread. Let father and darling daughter make a chat. C’mon I won’t be waiting for you long.” My father came with a cup of milk, dropping two dews into my mouth to make myself comfortable to wake
up. “Let me sleep dad. I am not feeling coming so early. I love my remaining doze more than your walk.” I said with a valetudinarian voice. “Jennie”, He now started dictating.

“Oh C’mon, I do not want to come, can’t you listen it in one time and you can’t force me. I am dozing.”
I bawled.

He left. I felt guilt inside but my doze was much important than any other stuff at 6:15 A.m.

Friday Morning (10:30 A.m.): [Home] :
My mom was serving food dad as he had to leave for the office. I arrived and sat to read the newspaper.

The few hours back conversation was unforgettable.

“What, are you still angry?” My father started the conversation.

“HUH, I am not in a mood dad. We will talk later. Any ways mom tomorrow early in the morning I need
to leave for the college as our seniors has made some trip for the Mt. Abu.” I announced and left.

Saturday Morning (5:00 A.m): [College:]
I was already late. As per the plan we ought to leave at 6:00 and I already made 5:00 at my place. I reached approx. 6:15 A.m. there and saw everybody waiting for the staff. I sighed and joined the group.

At 7:00 we left. I would not say that we were leaving for the beauty destination. Udaipur is a tourist
place and maximum tourists you would see in Udaipur do not prefer Mt. Abu as Udaipur has its own
beauty. Since we have been living in Udaipur we really wanted some new destination,
so we planned for the nearest.Everybody occupied their seats with their valued ones. I was with my group 10 boys and me alone, though they never counted me as a girl and no girl ever took interest into my boy mates the reason they were Geek. But jokes apart we had fun in first half.

Saturday Noon (1:00 P.m): [Mt. Abu:]
We reached Mt. Abu. There was nothing different in Mt Abu in the comparison of Udaipur but the

alleyways.I shared my room with my other girl classmates. We had been asked to reach downstairs at 2:00 P.m in any case. I made myself to the time and so boys. Now do I need to mention who we were then waiting for? Walking to those alleyways couldn’t be so fun if couples were not there.

“What do they think of themselves? We can’t delay our schedule for their make ups and all.”
One of my lecturers yelled.After an era passed mermaids of the sea finally made themselves to the downstairs. All the imminent boys took a deep sigh.

“Oh Emmie you are looking so pretty.” The same lecturer said.

I looked him questioned.Now the time was to pamper those mermaids and spend as much money till the boys are not asked to stop. I was more concerned to enjoy the weather and the food (As I am a big Foodie).We left for the actual stuff we supposed to do, viewing sites.

Saturday Noon :  [NAKKI Lake]
Couples had decided to take two seated boats into the lake as Nakki Lake is more famous for the

honeymoon couples. My group announced that we would take a family boat. All stalked us as if we
belong to a village and came up to join a wedding ceremony with family. “C’mon guys ignore them. Let’s have a family boat and Joy you get your digital camera out, I settled my friends.

All the other two seated boats disappeared in the dark to the each direction of the lake. We family left
alone in the middle of the lake. We had got nothing to talk but to joke each.

Saturday evening (11:00 P.m): In the HOTEL:
We reached to our rooms and as per the plan we ought to sleep early and wake up at 6:00 A.m to gather at downstairs, as we had to leave for the Udaipur and reach timely on the same day.
In Mt. Abu there is nothing much to spend more than 2 or 3 days as I had arrived many times before too, so a day would be more than enough for me.

I made my bed clean and went to sleep. But how one tour of a college can be so nice without a problem?

We girls received a phone call from the other room of boys as they wanted us to join them and have a game of cards. I found it interesting and left the room with other girls. As we reached at boy’s junction    I smelled something very bad. It might be some kind of drink. Sorry I am not that good in beverages, so the word “drink” will go with the sentence.

They offered girls to have a sip of 5000 (I had seen the labels on the bottle) and to sit on the bed.
One of the boys started distributing cards. A boy of that group seemed very descent must  had
watched my expressions and gestured me to leave the room. I asked one of the girls to give me the keys of our room. She gave outrageous expressions and threw the keys to me. I left.

Midnight 1:00 A.m.: In my Room of the Hotel:
I heard someone knocking on the gate. I opened the gate and allowed my roomies to enter the “Hostel”    I was feeling like a warden to them. I again jumped to my bed and started snoring. Approximately at 1:25 midnight I heard some ferocious voice next to me. I jumped on to the bed

“What am I supposed to do here? What kind of voice are you making?
Do I look like a warden here?” I yelled.  “Heather is overdrunk.” They cleared. “Oh F**K”, I yelled again.

“Now what, if any of our staff catches us doing this nuisance?” I screamed in tension.

They calmed me down as I was new bird in the city of frankness and asked me not to tell anyone about this happening. In my words I would rather say it a scandal.I went inside the Dunlop as I was so scared of that voice and tried to make myself to sleep but all in vain.They all ruined my night.

Sunday 6:00 A.m.: [Reception of the Hotel]
I could not sleep last night but made myself reach downstairs at 6:15 early in the morning. Repeating the same case and scene of waiting for those mermaids till the era completes would be in vain.
I finally met my geek friends and took a deep great sigh of relaxation.

“How was the night?” One of them asked me curiously as I had been living with the gorgeous girls last night. I stared him like if he had asked me wrong thing.We took our breakfast and reached to the bus for Udaipur. Many eyes from the other group were staring at me as if they wanted to take me in the remand for the issue happened last night.

“These chicklets (girls) must have plated everything to their loved ones.” I said to myself.
But I had loads of other things to do with my friends like to click snaps and taunting couples (that time I was not aware of what Love is all about.)
The remaining day was very boring. Tour to the other places near to Mt. Abu was so pathetic.

Sunday 6:00 P.m.: [On the way to Udaipur]
“Hello!” I said. One of my geeky friends had given me his mobile to make a call at my home.

“Hello! Hi Jennie, How was your tour” My father responded from the other side.

“Ask AB (My younger Sister) to pick me from the college at 7:00 P.m. sharp” I said and hung up the
Mobile. I returned my friend his mobile and said thanks. The phone ranged again, the number was mine.
“Hello!” I said

“Do you get bother if your father comes to pick you” Father asked me

“No, Let AB come to pick me up and you don’t call me again and again the mobile doesn’t belong to
me”. I said angrily and hung up the phone, though I knew that my parents won’t allow AB to pick me so
late, but in the age of 20 attitude rocks.

Sunday 7:15 P.m.: [College:]
We reached our college and saw parents already waiting for their children. We exchanged goodbye and
my friends left the college. My friends asked me if I want someone to drop me at my home but I refused, the reason I knew that my father would not love me coming with a boy so late.

Everybody left; my lecturers stayed with me as I left alone and asked me to call again. I borrowed the
mobile and called on my father’s mobile.

“He is not receiving. May be he is on his way” I said. My lecturers nodded and turned to complete the
chat they were doing from past 15 minutes.After 10 minutes they asked me to call again and I did so. This time I heard some unknown voice and hung up the mobile and said “This is not my father’s voice.” We again got the call from my father’s number. This time my lecturer received the call and after a conversation of half minute he asked me to sit behind his bike.

“What happened, Is everything OK?” I asked curiously

“Nothing we have no time, sit fast.” He yelled and asked others to join him to direction.

After a couple of minute we reached at highway lies nearby my college. It is the shortest way which joins

my area where I live and my college. I always refused myself to come from that way.

“Dad”, I screamed.

I felt myself collapsed inside the land.

He was lying on the road next to his scooter, which was in the fourth gear standing on the main stand.

“Is he your father?” Hawk asked.

I nodded and asked what happened to him.

“We also don’t know, may be accident.” They verdict while investigating his body.

“If it is an accident, then why don’t you take him to the hospital?” I yelled.

“It’s a police case.” He said and gestured me to lay off.

One of my lecturers had already informed my classmates and asked to pick me from the spot.

I started crying saying that now what would happen to my mom.

My group friends received to the spot and got shocked after seeing the situation.

One of my lecturers asked two of the boys to drop me at my place. I refused to sit and yelled again to

take my father to the hospital. They fetched me tightly and seated me on the bike.

Monday 9:00 A.m:  [ Home ]
“They are taking your father to the burial, say bye to him. He won’t come back. Vow that you would
never ever hurt your mom in your entire life.” One of my aunt said crying.

“I can vow for my mom but what I did to my father two days back cannot be fixed ever in this life.” I said,
blaming myself with the poker face.

By : Himani Pandya


Fantastic story. Definitely worth the read!

I'm glad I stopped playing Online Checkers for a few mins to read this tonight!


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